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November, 2009

Jocko Flocko, NASCAR Driver

Tim Flock, a NASCAR driver, raced with a monkey named Jocko Flocko for eight races as a publicity stunt.
Today's Learn Something Every Day intrigued me: "NASCAR driver, Tim Flock is the only driver in motor racing history to have to make a pit stop to remove a monkey from his car." The full story is over at Tim Flock's official site. The monkey's name was Jocko Flocko and actually drove with him for eight races as a publicity stunt. Flock explains the day he finally had to part ways with his monkey co-pilot:
Back then the cars had a trap door that we could pull open with a chain to check our tire wear. Well, during the Raleigh 300, Jocko got loose from his seat and stuck his head through the trap door, and he went berserk! Listen, it was hard enough to drive those heavy old cars back then under normal circumstances, but with a crazed monkey clawing you at the same time, it becomes nearly impossible! I had to come into the pits to put him out and ended up third. The pit stop cost me second place and a $600.00 difference in my paycheck. Jocko was retired immediately. I had to get that monkey off my back!
November 29, 2009
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