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November, 2009

Rushkoff on Open Source

Rushkoff suggests open source efforts struggle with producing unique, original output.
Like I said, I ran across two good Rushkoff insights today. The first was on newspapers and this one is on open source. It comes from Rushkoff's radio show The Media Squat where he talked about the realities of open source, all of which was very nicely summed up by abject learning (who also has the audio for your enjoyment):
He goes on to make a point we have heard elsewhere, though having it coming from a true believer like Rushkoff I find myself thinking on it with added attention. He suggests that open source efforts are hamstrung by the act of replication that is at the heart of its activity. The best open source efforts essentially copy existing artifacts (so Linux mimics Unix, Wikipedia does Britannica, Firefox carries on the paradigm of the web browser). Open source communities do not really yield unique original output, and have trouble accommodating "individualized unique expressions."
November 10, 2009
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