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July 03, 2010
The controversial and split-second brilliance of Luis Suarez's handball during the Uruguay-Ghana World Cup match.
Managing Football
July 06, 2010
The narrative of raising an Italian football team in a video game.
Cold-Brewed Iced Coffee
July 06, 2010
A simple recipe for making cold-brewed iced coffee.
Lebron + Game Theory
July 12, 2010
A game theorist's analysis of LeBron James's decision and if it backfired.
Rational Rule Breaking
July 12, 2010
A post on the ethics of rational rule breaking in sports.
July 15, 2010
Kevin Kelly's thoughts on the impact of screens on reading and thinking.
Six Years
July 16, 2010
Celebrating six years of blogging and the impact it's had on my life.
July 16, 2010
Academics create software to extract keystrokes by listening to typing
July 30, 2010
The author responds to being the subject of an article about online stalking, arguing that making information public outweighs the dangers.
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