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July, 2010


The author responds to being the subject of an article about online stalking, arguing that making information public outweighs the dangers.
About a month ago an article came out about online stalking and I was the subject (the stalkee, if you will). Essentially the author collected everything she could find out about me on the public web and presented me with my dossier over a cup of coffee in Soho. The publication, Assembly Journal, asked me if I'd like to respond and I took them up on it. The reply, which they gave the title STALKED? NOT REALLY: NOAH BRIER RESPONDS basically presents my position, which shouldn't come as a great shock, that the value of making this information public outweighs the dangers and that most, if not all, of the information she uncovered would have been available before the web (although much more difficult to collect). For what it's worth, I'm especially fond of my conclusion, which I really owe thanks to my brother-in-law (who also happens to be a lawyer) for helping me articulate: "At the end of the day a breach of privacy requires some reasonable expectation that something would be kept private. Not only did I not have that expectation, but for much of the information I put on the web I hope for exactly the opposite." Anyway, hope you enjoy. (Oh, and sorry for the lack of posts around here. Am working on a new project that I hope to launch in the next few weeks. It's taken up most of my blogging time.)
July 30, 2010
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