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February, 2011 Posts

Big White Box Problem
February 04, 2011
The challenge of the 'big white box' problem in blogging.
The Social Network
February 04, 2011
Criticism of The Social Network movie as being a distortion to construct a narrative in favor of mainstream media.
Era of White Noise
February 09, 2011
A discussion about the era of white noise in content and media.
Nothing's New
February 09, 2011
Adam Gopnik's New Yorker piece explores different perspectives on the internet's impact.
The Ad Game
February 12, 2011
Insights into the advertising industry and its idiosyncrasies.
Brand Advertising (or the Lack Thereof)
February 13, 2011
The disparity between top digital and overall advertisers reveals the lack of brand advertising on the web.
What Jobs?
February 16, 2011
Exploring the impact of technology on job creation and the economy.
Dealing with Wikileaks (aka How Newspapers Work)
February 16, 2011
Bill Keller's story on dealing with Wikileaks provides insight into how news organizations manage sensitive information.
Google's Anti-Competitive Behavior
February 17, 2011
Questioning Google's anti-competitive behavior and its impact on the online advertising landscape.
February 17, 2011
The concept of pre-packaged reactions and polls as a way to encourage engagement with content.
February 22, 2011
Debunking the excitement around Carmelo Anthony's trade to the Knicks.
Design Details
February 25, 2011
Two Tumblr blogs cataloging tiny bits of good design.
Google's Opinions
February 26, 2011
Google's algorithm changes and the impact on search results and content farms.
Why Watson Thought Toronto was a US City
February 26, 2011
An explanation of how Watson thought Toronto was a US city.
What's Inspiring Me?
February 28, 2011
Noah Brier discusses his current inspirations, including Tumblr's focus on visual web design and the impact of mobile devices on web design language.
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