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March, 2011 Posts

Summer Movies
March 02, 2011
Thoughts on Hollywood's summer movie lineup and a critique of Inception.
Processing Power
March 18, 2011
The comparison between Watson and human intelligence in processing power.
Has There Ever Been a Period That Was Not an Information Age?
March 19, 2011
The question of whether there has ever been a period that was not an information age.
What Should I do in New Orleans?
March 19, 2011
Seeking recommendations for things to do and places to eat in New Orleans.
Transparency in Journalism
March 20, 2011
The lack of transparency in journalism and the benefits of linking to primary sources.
Individual versus Collective: Sporting Edition
March 20, 2011
The contrasting views of individual versus collective play in sports, including a comparison of European and American approaches.
Measures of Influence
March 23, 2011
Challenging the commonly flouted influence measure used by Klout and others.
Life with Julian
March 25, 2011
A humorous account of hosting Julian Assange.
My First Computer
March 30, 2011
A first-time computer user's perspective on the iPad.
The Art of Powerpoint
March 30, 2011
Mocking the art of PowerPoint with McSweeney's humor.
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