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October, 2011

Amazon’s new locker delivery system now live in New York - GeekWire

Amazon has launched a new locker delivery system in New York City.
I was wondering what these things were going to look like. Amazon's new locker system has hit NYC. You can have a package shipped to one of these lockers and open them up with a 6 digit code (there are only a few of them currently, so the odds of it being convenient are pretty low). It's interesting to think that this is a big enough problem for them to roll something like this out. I mean I guess it speaks to the size of the market in urban centers (I'm assuming Amazon will just drop off at your door if you have a house with a yard and all that jazz). Even more interesting is MSG's conclusion that this is a small step before Amazon gets into the 3D printing business and just prints whatever you want locally.
October 17, 2011
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