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Climbing Rocks
January 13, 2016
A profile of a talented young climber and the intricacies of climbing routes.
Normalization of Deviance & The Growing Organization
January 11, 2016
The concept of social normalization of deviance and its impact on organizations.
Transparency and The Executive Review
January 08, 2016
A call for transparency and ditching executive reviews in organizations.
Subway Uncertainty vs Coconut Uncertainty
January 06, 2016
Different kinds of uncertainty and the efficacy of simple versus complex forecasting models.
Trolley Dodgers
January 05, 2016
The origin of the name 'Trolley Dodgers' for the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Testing Something
January 04, 2016
Testing something.
Why It Seems Like Everyone is Doing that Thing
January 03, 2016
Exploring the illusion of everyone doing the same thing created by networks.
The Economics of Basketball Fads
January 02, 2016
Exploring the intersection of basketball, economics, and fads.
Some of my favorite reads of 2015
January 01, 2016
A curated list of the author's favorite reads from 2015.
Brand Management: Past, Present, and Future
February 13, 2015
A two-part series discussing the history of brand management and the need for a new system of record for marketing.
Becoming an Engineering Manager
January 27, 2015
Observations and ideas on the transition from engineer to manager.
The Complex Simplicity of Frisbee
January 19, 2015
The complex simplicity of frisbee-catching and its application to understanding complexity.
Simple, Complicated, Complex
January 08, 2015
Exploring the concepts of simple, complicated, and complex systems.
Basketball versus Business
January 06, 2015
Ownership in sports compared to business and technology.
Is it or isn't it?
December 23, 2014
Different perspectives on the impact of technology on society and the workforce.
Unanticipated Effects
December 22, 2014
The printing press had unanticipated effects, leading to a surge in demand for spectacles and contributing to the scientific revolution.
First Mentions
December 19, 2014
Exploring the first mentions of marketing terms in the New York Times archives.
Thinking About Strategy (Part 1): What is Strategy?
December 18, 2014
Exploring the definition and tools of strategy in marketing.
Building Products
December 17, 2014
How to build great products by focusing on intuition and understanding users.
Building Products
December 17, 2014
How to build great products by focusing on intuition and understanding users.
Creativity Requires Networks
December 16, 2014
Creativity is co-created within networks of recognition and appreciation.
How We Organize: Brain vs Society
December 15, 2014
A comparison of centralized brain and decentralized society models of organization.
December 12, 2014
Kevin Kelly's concept of 'protopian' and the realistic optimism it represents.
The Link Between Brand Management and Product Mangement
December 11, 2014
The connection between product management and brand management in technology companies.
Planning For Your Next Hire
December 10, 2014
The challenges of maintaining employee engagement and education during rapid company growth.
Tech plus Culture
December 09, 2014
A comparison of Google and Facebook's approach to addressing global internet access.
The Link Between Brand and Utility
December 08, 2014
The relationship between brand and utility and the importance of attention to detail in product design.
P&G's Strategy Algorithm
December 04, 2014
P&G CEO A.G. Lafley's five-question strategy for major decisions.
The Knowledge, Cabbies, and Nostalgia
December 03, 2014
The struggle between nostalgia and technology, illustrated by the conflict between London cabbies and Uber.
Why was the Paypal mafia so successful?
December 02, 2014
The success of the Paypal mafia attributed to its tough yet achievable environment.
Thoughts on India
December 01, 2014
Observations and insights from a trip to India.
Virtual Luxury Goods
November 28, 2014
Luxury watchmakers dealing with digital piracy and the potential for a move into the software world.
Culture as Algorithm
November 27, 2014
Exploring culture as the internal manifestation of brands and its role in decision-making.
The Fun of HTML Standards
November 26, 2014
The development of HTML5 standards and the evolving nature of the web.
Strategy as Algorithm
November 25, 2014
Strategy is like building algorithms to drive optimal outcomes in decisions.
November 24, 2014
The concept of secrets in business and a connection to a McLuhan book.
Responsive Systems
November 21, 2014
An Algorithm for the Economy
November 20, 2014
Exploring the algorithm for how technology forms the economy.
Computers versus People
November 19, 2014
Nate Silver's take on the strengths of computers and humans in chess.
Meeting Rules at Percolate
June 13, 2014
Setting meeting rules at Percolate to prevent being taken over by meetings.
Introducing Transition
June 04, 2014
The Transition conference and the evolving phases of marketing.
On Process
April 29, 2014
The importance of avoiding a rigid process and remembering the ultimate goal.
First Principles Thinking
April 27, 2014
The concept of first principles thinking and its application to working with designers.
Marketing Needs to be Pulled Together
March 02, 2014
The need for marketing companies to match rapid response with strategic vision.
What I've Learned About Sales
February 16, 2014
Insights on sales tactics and the importance of understanding the client's perspective.
One More Note on Why Brands Aren't Going Anywhere
February 11, 2014
Why brands remain important in the age of better information and how car brands maintain their value.
Why Brands Aren't Going Anywhere
February 10, 2014
A discussion of the role of brands in a world of information efficiency.
Silver Bullets
January 30, 2014
Andy Grove's concept of strategic inflection points and competition as explained in a 1998 speech.
Revisiting Stock & Flow
January 29, 2014
A revisit to the concept of Stock and Flow in the digital world.
The Accuracy of Strangelove
January 28, 2014
The frighteningly accurate portrayal of nuclear security in Dr. Strangelove
What's Content Marketing and How Big Will it Be?
January 27, 2014
An analysis of content marketing and its implications for brands.
On Context, Imagination, and STEM vs. ART
January 14, 2014
John Seely Brown's insights on context, imagination, and the importance of art in education.
Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014
January 13, 2014
Reflecting on the past and looking ahead at Percolate's journey from 2013 to 2014.
Paint on Walls
January 10, 2014
A discussion of the closing of graffiti mecca 5 Pointz and the difference between graffiti and street art.
Eye Test vs. Math Test
January 09, 2014
The battle between the eye-test and math-test in sports.
Zemblanity, the Opposite of Serendipity
January 08, 2014
Discovering the concept of zemblanity as the opposite of serendipity.
The Marriage of Android and Google+
January 06, 2014
The integration strategy between Google+ and Android.
APIs Everywhere
January 06, 2014
Bitcoin as an open API for money and the potential for brand APIs.
Resolutions for an Anteater
January 03, 2014
A humorous take on an anteater's New Year's resolutions.
January 02, 2014
The importance of uncelebrated preventive measures and the uncertain interpretation of historical events.
Harbinger of Things to Come
January 01, 2014
Paul Krugman's perspective on Bitcoin and its significance as a technical achievement.
The Price of Non-Conformity
December 31, 2013
Malcolm Gladwell and the price of non-conformity in entrepreneurship.
Building Communities
December 30, 2013
Tips for building community and maintaining connection.
Security, Snowden, and Schneier
December 29, 2013
Insights on security, Snowden, and the public's perception of security from analyst Bruce Schneier.
Reporting Technology
December 28, 2013
The lack of serious technical reporting on Healthcare.gov
Android Handles Sharing Better than iOS
November 19, 2013
Android's superior sharing capability compared to iOS through its handling of intents
Can Wine Buy Happiness?
November 10, 2013
The relationship between spending on wine and perceived enjoyment.
Critiquing the Stanford Prison Experiment (and Research In General)
November 03, 2013
A critique of the flawed nature of the Stanford Prison Experiment and research in general.
Unexpected Transmission
October 31, 2013
The mind-boggling story of malware that can transmit itself without obvious transmission vehicles.
The Government, Websites, and Infrastructure
October 19, 2013
Comparing the challenges of building websites to physical infrastructure projects.
The Other Side of In-Store Wifi
September 19, 2013
J.C. Penney's decision to eliminate in-store wifi.
Engineering Culture
August 27, 2013
A look at the engineering culture at Percolate, praised for its lack of constraints.
Riding Through Mongolia
August 22, 2013
A thrilling account of motorcycle travel through Mongolia.
Setting the Stage for Innovation
August 14, 2013
The role of market conditions and luck in fostering radical innovation.
The Economics of Doping
August 13, 2013
The economic rationale behind doping in sports, with A-Rod's situation as an example.
Curiosity Kills
August 08, 2013
The debate on curiosity and its impact on society.
Technology Advances Backwards
August 05, 2013
Umberto Eco's observation on how technology now advances backwards.
The History of Timesheets
August 04, 2013
The history of timesheets and their origins in charging by units of time.
Describing the Past & Present
August 03, 2013
The challenge of describing something happening in the past and present.
Tools over Process
July 30, 2013
The importance of building tools over process in product development.
Borges and Sharknado
July 30, 2013
Borges and the Sharknado Problem: questioning the need for a 2-hour movie when a short story or a two-minute trailer might suffice.
Feral Cities
July 27, 2013
The concept of feral cities and their impact.
Why Privacy Matters
July 24, 2013
Glenn Greenwald explains the importance of privacy and how it enables freedom and individuality.
Seeing Through Games
July 23, 2013
The surreal experience of seeing real-life events as if they were from a video game.
Turning Your Router Off for 10 Seconds
July 22, 2013
The reason you should turn your router off for 10 seconds.
Is Apple Maps Suceeding?
July 20, 2013
Apple Maps is succeeding despite being a terrible product, meeting the needs of typical phone consumers and pushing Google to compete.
Shocked, but not Shocking
July 20, 2013
An exploration of political and social issues, including protests, racial injustice, and government surveillance.
Technology Still Isn't Ruining Anything
July 15, 2013
A discussion on how technology isn't ruining everything it's claimed to be ruining.
McLuhan in Print
July 15, 2013
Marshall McLuhan's complex ideas made more accessible through his book 'The Medium is the Massage.'
How Well Did Sharknado Actually Do?
July 14, 2013
The real popularity of Sharknado, beyond Twitter hype.
Unified Theory of Pixar
July 13, 2013
Exploring the unified theory of Pixar movies and how they all connect.
Constant Photography
July 11, 2013
The era of after-the-fact photography and its impact on the nature of capturing experiences.
Super Mario Brothers is Getting Harder
July 04, 2013
Nintendo finds modern gamers struggle with original Super Mario Brothers.
What wins basketball games?
July 01, 2013
The key to winning basketball games is turning possessions into points.
The 4 Levels of Designers
June 05, 2013
An analysis of the different levels of designers and how to build a great design team.
Why did you say that?
June 04, 2013
The importance of managers having informed opinions and not just relaying information.
Selling Argyle Uniforms
May 22, 2013
The story of how Michael Jordan helped choose the UNC Tarheels basketball uniform design.
Unique Perception
May 14, 2013
Jony Ive's perspective on the importance of non-measurable and emotive product attributes.
Building for States
May 09, 2013
The importance of designing and building for all possible outcomes when creating a new feature.
Social's Impact On Scale, Pace And Pattern, And What Brands Can Learn From It
May 01, 2013
Exploring the impact of social media on scale, pace, and pattern, and its lessons for brands.
Testing Media Literacy
April 28, 2013
The challenge of testing for media literacy and its growing impact on culture.
Treating Trauma in Boston
April 25, 2013
Insight into the medical response to the Boston Marathon bombings.
Selling Cars
April 22, 2013
Exploring the public relations campaign that led to the widespread acceptance of cars and the invention of jaywalking.
Public Safety and the Law
April 20, 2013
Exploring the public safety exception and the questioning of suspects without Miranda rights.
Hacking the New Pope
February 22, 2013
Bruce Schneier's thoughts on potential security measures for the papal election.
February 16, 2013
David McCullough's love for typewriting and his deliberate writing process.
Seeping Media
January 30, 2013
A discussion of McLuhan's approach to media theorizing in the context of new media.
Long Data
January 29, 2013
The significance of big data and the concept of 'long data'.
Experimenting on Input & Output
January 27, 2013
The magic of experimenting with new technology and API outputs, as seen with Vinepeek.
Speakeasy Community Management Conference
January 24, 2013
An invite-only event for community managers in NYC with great speakers.
The historical context of Smells Like Teen Spirit
January 23, 2013
The historical significance of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit.
Shifting headlines & ever-wasserism
January 23, 2013
The evolution of web headlines and their changing nature.
The drunk driving/gun connection
January 21, 2013
A comparison between the fight against drunk driving and efforts to regulate guns.
Unintended Consequences
January 16, 2013
A man's house becomes a default GPS coordinate for lost Sprint phones, leading people to demand their phones back.
Aaron Swartz and the historical context of hacking
January 16, 2013
The historical context of hacking and cultural activism, inspired by Aaron Swartz's story.
Nespresso vs. Espresso
January 13, 2013
A blind coffee taste test of hand-made espresso versus Nespresso machine raises questions about the future of artisan coffee.
The Science of Trolls
January 12, 2013
The impact of negative online comments on public perception of science.
The Consequences of Time
January 10, 2013
The social consequences of the clock's invention and its impact on technology.
Jacobs v. Moses
January 10, 2013
A review on the relationship between Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses as urban planners.
A Coffee Drought?
January 09, 2013
A humorous take on the possibility of a future coffee drought.
January 09, 2013
Exploring the significance and evolution of note-taking systems.
Making It
January 08, 2013
An anecdote from the co-founder of Flickr about knowing when they had 'made it'.
Idiots & Taking the Long View
January 07, 2013
Daniel Mendelsohn discusses the cultural critic's role in the age of technology and the enduring significance of Marshall McLuhan's individual-focused perspective.
A little extra context
January 04, 2013
Insight into Tarantino's long-form writing and its impact on his filmmaking.
Limited Willpower
January 03, 2013
Our ability to make decisions is a finite resource that affects self-control and decision-making.
January 03, 2013
The story about Obama and Emanuel trying to make fewer decisions.
January 03, 2013
Exploring the concept of 'blesh' and its similarity to scenius.
It's All Robots
January 01, 2013
Kevin Kelly's article explores the impact of robots on the job market and our ability to invent new roles as automation takes over old tasks.
Pirated Architecture
December 28, 2012
Zaha Hadid has a building in China that's being pirated as she builds the original.
Cultural Arbitrage
December 28, 2012
A discussion on the concept of 'cultural arbitrage' and its relevance in today's society.
How We Got Here: Second Amendment Edition
December 28, 2012
The evolution of the Second Amendment and conservative reinterpretation.
What makes cashmere so expensive?
December 28, 2012
The expensive production process and scarcity make cashmere much pricier than wool.
Gun Owners versus the NRA
December 27, 2012
A surprising statistic about gun owners' support for gun laws in a New England Journal of Medicine editorial.
Diving Chess
December 26, 2012
A strange chess variant played in a swimming pool with players submerging themselves underwater during their turns.
Sheer Malice: A Doctor's Take on Home Alone
December 24, 2012
A doctor's assessment of the injuries to the burglars in Home Alone.
What's happening to malls?
December 24, 2012
The impact of online retailing on malls and the potential for hundreds to be repurposed or demolished.
Santa's Privacy Policy
December 24, 2012
Santa's humorous and thorough privacy policy.
The Evolution of Words
December 23, 2012
The evolution of dictionaries and language mirrors the growth of scientific method and Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
Picking up your language
December 17, 2012
FIFA 13 penalizes players for swearing at the TV while playing the game.
The Sports Disaster Plan
December 17, 2012
The NBA's contingency plan in case of a team losing all its players to a horrific accident.
Selling Enterprise Software via BBS
December 16, 2012
Selling enterprise software through a hobbyist electronic bulletin board.
Jumpstarting a Market
December 16, 2012
Google's attempt to jumpstart a stagnant market with its fiber internet in Kansas City.
The Humming Timestamp
December 12, 2012
The unique hum of electrical outlets can be used as a timestamp for recordings.
Everything Communicates
December 11, 2012
Recognizing the importance of brand and people in marketing.
Blind Spots
December 10, 2012
Bill Simmons discusses how Bill Russell scouted his own teammates to make them better, raising the idea of identifying blind spots in management and leadership.
The Other 1%?
December 09, 2012
An article exploring the origins and public perception of the Hells Angels.
14 Years of Color
December 08, 2012
A breakdown of 14 years of Pantone's color of the year, with a focus on Emerald Green for this year.
How Superman came to wear his underwear on the outside
December 08, 2012
The origin of Superman's iconic outfit.
What Blog?
December 06, 2012
The concept of 'weblogs' being erased from collective memory.
NYC Christmas Trees
December 03, 2012
The unpermitted tradition of selling Christmas trees in NYC.
Stocks as a Hobby
November 29, 2012
Considering stock-picking as an upper-middle-class hobby.
Why is Android different?
November 28, 2012
Exploring the engagement paradox: Why is Android attracting late adopters despite market differences from iOS?
November 26, 2012
The word "genericide" and a trademark dispute over the Emeco Navy Chair.
A Car with an API
November 26, 2012
The Chevy Volt's open API and the future of cars.
Highway House
November 23, 2012
A Chinese couple refused to allow the government to demolish their home, and the road was built around it.
How hard is it to be in the NBA if you're 7 feet tall?
November 19, 2012
The rarity of seven-foot-tall NBA players.
Why Coke Cost a Nickel for 70 Years
November 15, 2012
The reasons behind Coca-Cola's pricing for 70 years.
On Facebook, Brands and Reach
November 14, 2012
Discussion on Facebook's advertising and reach compared to other platforms.
The More You Send, The More You Receive
November 11, 2012
LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner's perspective on email productivity and communication.
What Made Nate Silver so Popular?
November 08, 2012
Nate Silver's popularity and the role of statistics in political conversations.
Everything you ever wanted to know about pallets
October 22, 2012
The importance and history of shipping pallets revealed in a thousand-word story.
How Lance Happened
October 22, 2012
The story of Lance Armstrong and the cycling industry's complicity in his doping scandal.
No One Ever Bought Something on an Elevator
October 22, 2012
The essence of an effective elevator pitch according to Seth Godin.
Helping People Discover
October 19, 2012
The power of Facebook in creating awareness, as illustrated by Fab's digital ad strategy.
Nobody Goes Online Anymore
October 18, 2012
The problem with self-reporting in internet usage research.
On NFL Films, The Sabols and War
October 06, 2012
A profile of NFL Films and the impact of Ed & Steve Sabol on football and its presentation.
Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie
October 06, 2012
A joke about a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie becomes a reality.
The Economics of Games
September 30, 2012
Exploring the economic impact of video games, including the unconventional currency systems and potential effects on real-life economic activity.
Did blowing on your Nintendo game actually help?
September 24, 2012
Blowing on your Nintendo game doesn't actually help and can cause damage.
Focus on the road not the wall
September 24, 2012
Ben Horowitz's advice for CEOs to focus on the road, not the wall.
Reviewing iPhone 5
September 16, 2012
A humorous and no-nonsense review of the new iPhone 5.
Williams x 2
September 13, 2012
Brian Phillips’ observation about the impact of the Williams sisters on tennis.
What's College Worth?
September 11, 2012
A discussion on the value of a college education and the increasing importance of a degree in the digital economy.
What if everyone on earth jumped at once?
September 07, 2012
What would happen if everyone on earth jumped at once.
Surface versus iPad
September 03, 2012
Different perspectives on the role of tablets by Apple and Microsoft.
Facebook, Zuckerberg and Brand Advertising (Again)
September 03, 2012
Thoughts on Facebook, Zuckerberg, and the potential of brand advertising.
Desire Path Highlighting
September 02, 2012
Huffington Post's experiment with desire path highlighting.
Technology or Gesture?
September 02, 2012
Douglas Rushkoff explores the implications of patenting human gestures in the Apple-Samsung battle.
New Surface
June 20, 2012
Microsoft's announcement of a new tablet sparks discussions about its potential impact and competition with Apple's products.
Clutch Free Throws
June 19, 2012
Debunking the myth of 'clutch' free throw shooting in the NBA finals.
The Space Between Writing
June 15, 2012
The importance of the space between writing in the creative process.
Wither Widget
June 13, 2012
Reflecting on the unfulfilled potential of widgets in the tech industry.
Muppet Typing
June 12, 2012
The theory of Muppet typing as a psychological advance.
Photos of Zuck
June 07, 2012
Gizmodo is offering $20 for new photos of Mark Zuckerberg while questioning his stance on privacy.
When Subscription Isn't an Option
June 06, 2012
The limitations of HBO Go as a standalone service and the complexities of the cable industry.
You Got Nookd
June 06, 2012
A funny story of a Nook publisher's accidental text replacement in a version of War and Peace.
Subscribing to Music
June 01, 2012
The emergence of a music subscription service for fans of particular labels.
Politically Correct
May 29, 2012
A discussion on the use of language by liberals and conservatives, including an interesting anecdote about science fiction in the Soviet Union.
Oldsmobile Rocket 88 and Other Gibson Memories
May 28, 2012
William Gibson's childhood memories and early influences on science fiction.
An American Revolutionary
May 27, 2012
Detailed New Yorker article about American soldier in Cuban revolution.
Baby Platypus
May 16, 2012
NBA player JaVale McGee's prank involving a pet platypus and the media's response.
Super Bowl Ads Work
May 14, 2012
Evidence that Super Bowl ads are effective, as demonstrated by GoDaddy's success.
What Ecosystem?
May 03, 2012
The evolution of the Apple ecosystem under Scott Forstall.
Why We Buy
April 28, 2012
The importance of price, quality, and brand in consumer decision-making.
The greatest films of all time
April 26, 2012
Roger Ebert's thoughtful list of the greatest films of all time.
Building Your Own McDuck Vault
April 23, 2012
Calculating the amount of gold needed to replicate Scrooge McDuck's gold vault dive.
What to Outsource
April 23, 2012
The debate on whether to outsource PR early in a company's life.
Winning without Innovating
April 21, 2012
A matzo company that has stayed the same since 1916 and why it's a tough business for others to enter.
April 14, 2012
An outline of the cover design process for the latest Shigeto release on drip.fm.
Capybaras that look like Rafael Nadal
April 13, 2012
A Tumblr meme featuring capybaras resembling Rafael Nadal.
RIP Texts From Hillary, 2012-2012
April 12, 2012
A humorous take on the end of 'Texts From Hillary'
Class Tweets
April 12, 2012
A kindergarten teacher uses Twitter to summarize her students' day in a tweet.
33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You
April 11, 2012
A humorous collection of disappointed animals curated by Buzzfeed.
SAY Media / Blog / Rick Webb: Where Technology and Advertising Meet
April 11, 2012
Nice little interview with @rickwebb about tech, economics and advertising.
Cells like teen spirit - The Daily
April 05, 2012
A protest without much cohesion.
The rise of e-reading | Pew Internet Libraries
April 05, 2012
The rise of e-reading and its impact on libraries as reported by Pew Internet.
The Value of Argument
March 29, 2012
The importance of a co-founder you can argue productively with.
The Paths of Picle
March 28, 2012
Exploring the future of the Picle app and the paths it can take.
March 19, 2012
A different perspective on free agency in the NFL and its possible applications to business.
What can designers bring to organizations?
March 19, 2012
The importance of broad-minded designers with solid structural sensibilities for organizational success.
Share a Link, Buy a Bracelet
March 18, 2012
The downside of oversimplified mass movements that rely on easy tasks to save lives.
The Bigger Picture
March 18, 2012
Putting the football incident in a broader context.
After the Slash
March 14, 2012
The power of Facebook in advertising and its impact on Google.
NFL Solidarity and Bounties
March 06, 2012
Debate over the Saints bounty story and its implications on NFL player solidarity.
Agencies + Startups?
March 06, 2012
Rei Inamoto's take on the need for agencies to emulate startups.
New News
March 05, 2012
Evan Williams discusses the lack of tools to surface old content in a News.me interview.
No Buts
March 04, 2012
Bloomberg's styleguide bans the word 'but' from its stories.
Where Are my Highlights?
March 04, 2012
The desire for a highlighting feature in the new Readability iOS app.
Gendered Tech
March 01, 2012
The unequal distribution of technology across gender lines.
The Map Business
March 01, 2012
The emergence of map API services and Foursquare's switch to OpenStreetMap and MapBox.
Designing a Global Map
February 27, 2012
The challenges and surprises in designing Google Maps.
February 26, 2012
Small doses of distraction can prompt the mind to work at a more creative level.
February 16, 2012
The complex legacy of Steve Jobs and his leadership style.
February 12, 2012
The complicated relationship between Google and affiliates, and how Google sees most affiliates as bugs.
Makers versus Viewers
February 12, 2012
Mimi Chun's perspective on the value of creation for makers versus the outcome for viewers.
Utilities vs Networks
February 12, 2012
Instagram's challenge to iPhone's built-in camera and the future of mobile apps.
Naming Releases After Street Artists
February 07, 2012
Product releases are now named after street artists, starting with Futura 2000.
Big Data
February 06, 2012
Facebook's massive study reveals the impact of weak ties on information consumption.
Why Mass Transit Loses to Highways
January 30, 2012
The Department of Transportation rule that favors highway expansion over efficient train systems in the US.
Optimism versus Pessimism
January 29, 2012
Kahneman's take on overconfidence as the engine of capitalism.
What Went Wrong
January 28, 2012
Real stories from entrepreneurs about the failures of their startups.
The Other Side of Kickstarter
January 17, 2012
The complexities of backing a Kickstarter project and the reality of what it means to fund an idea.
January 09, 2012
Clive Thompson's unexpected take on Instagram and its impact on photography and memory.
Buzzfeed + Politics
January 06, 2012
Buzzfeed's non-traditional approach to political coverage.
Offline Identity
January 05, 2012
Facebook's move to own identities in the physical world with business cards.
January 05, 2012
Facebook adds option for users to request photo takedowns due to unflattering images.
Taste of Their Own Medicine
January 04, 2012
Google's sponsored post campaign for Chrome backfires due to credibility issues.
To Commission or Not to Commission
January 04, 2012
The debate over the impact of sales commissions and their role in service.
Nice Map
January 02, 2012
The complexities of mapmaking and the use of algorithms for label placement.
Big Innovation
December 20, 2011
The advantages of big companies in innovation, according to The Economist.
Understanding the Internet
December 19, 2011
The importance of educating Congress about the internet and not just criticizing their lack of understanding.
What Are People Reading Later?
December 16, 2011
Insights on what people choose to read later.
Volcano 2011
December 16, 2011
A collection of stunning photos capturing volcano eruptions in 2011.
The Accident That Started the Breakfast-Cereal Business: Echoes - Bloomberg
December 16, 2011
The accidental creation of breakfast cereal by the Kellogg brothers in 1893.
Where Chefs Eat
December 16, 2011
A roundup of favorite meals from chefs and foodwriters.
The New Content Curators - Only Dead Fish
December 16, 2011
The challenges brands face in producing sustained, interesting content and the emerging requirement for different forms of curation.
Startup Ducks Immigration Law With 'Googleplex of the Sea' | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com
December 14, 2011
A startup is bypassing immigration law by creating a floating village in international waters.
December 12, 2011
A post about acknowledging and learning from past mistakes in one's career.
Thinking About New Twitter
December 09, 2011
Dan Frommer's insightful thoughts on the Twitter redesign and the emphasis on public content over private messaging.
Looking Back at Segway
December 03, 2011
A look back at the hype and coverage of the Segway ten years ago.
December 01, 2011
Stitchtagram: Throw pillows with your Instagram pictures on them.
The Seven Fundamentals of Great Muppet Cinema
November 29, 2011
The New Yorker's breakdown of the Seven Fundamentals of Great Muppet Cinema.
November 27, 2011
Excitement over the potential of Twine, a simple physical computing device with a web interface.
Pepper Spray from Every Angle
November 21, 2011
A look at the UC Davis pepper spraying incident from multiple angles and the role of social media and cameras in protests.
Brands without Branding
November 21, 2011
Australia is banning all branding on cigarette packaging, replacing it with graphic imagery.
Eating at Airports
November 21, 2011
A list of popular airport eateries and the author's personal favorites.
Congress vs. Fidel Castro
November 17, 2011
Congress is more popular than Fidel Castro in 2008, but less popular than Paris Hilton and the IRS.
No More Healthy Lunches!
November 17, 2011
Congress pushes back on school lunch nutrition guidelines, proposing to count tomato paste on pizzas as a vegetable.
Serendipity: Business Model Edition
November 15, 2011
Exploring Twitter's potential as a business model and advertising platform based on exposing users to new and unexpected content.
Extending the Grid
November 15, 2011
Extending the NYC street grid to the rest of the planet.
AMEX & GE are Percolating
November 14, 2011
Announcement of GE and AMEX using Percolate for content production.
24 Hours of Flickr Photos
November 13, 2011
A gallery exhibition of 24 hours worth of Flickr photos that visualizes the overload of images in today's digital age.
What is Google+?
November 11, 2011
Google+ is more than just a standalone product, but rather a central focus for Google as a company.
A Floating Future
November 09, 2011
Questioning the lack of big imaginative visions in the present day.
The Mystery of McRib
November 09, 2011
The curious case of the McRib and its mysterious market appearance.
The King of Human Error
November 08, 2011
Michael Lewis profiles Daniel Kahneman, one of the fathers of behavioral economics, and his new book.
Steve Jobs as an Innovator, not Inventor
November 07, 2011
Steve Jobs as an innovator, not inventor, and the distinction between invention and innovation.
Apple Operations
November 05, 2011
Insight into Apple's operational prowess and attention to detail.
November 03, 2011
Square's Card Case uses geofencing technology to allow for easy payments at stores.
Strategy over Product
November 03, 2011
Twitter Lists are valuable to power users, while Google+ strategy clashes with user behavior.
What If An Agency Had An API?
November 02, 2011
Considering the possibility of agency APIs and the challenge of structuring agency data.
On Lytro's Design
November 02, 2011
Rethinking camera design with the Lytro's long tube shape.
PlugBug Charger
November 02, 2011
The PlugBug Charger: A hardware addition to Apple's design.
Ear canal design blamed for fingernail blackboard excrutiation
November 01, 2011
The human ear canal's shape causes the reaction to fingernails on a chalkboard, with a powerful psychological component identified in research.
Designers versus Users
October 31, 2011
Designers work on large screens while users view the web on smaller displays.
Conductive Gloves
October 31, 2011
Muji gloves with a conductive finger for touchscreen technology and a reflection on the smartphone market's evolution.
October 31, 2011
Tilt is a Firefox plugin that visualizes websites in 3D and allows for inline editing.
Going into hospital far riskier than flying: WHO | Reuters
October 30, 2011
Hospitals are riskier than flying due to hygiene and risk miscalculation.
October 30, 2011
The concept of a device that converts web data into smells.
My Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Protesters | Politics News | Rolling Stone
October 21, 2011
The lack of focus of the Occupy Wall Street Protesters and suggestions for demands.
Amazon’s new locker delivery system now live in New York - GeekWire
October 17, 2011
Amazon has launched a new locker delivery system in New York City.
Web Start-Ups Hit Cash Crunch - WSJ.com
October 12, 2011
The looming cash crunch for web start-ups
Where people don’t use Facebook
October 07, 2011
An analysis of Facebook's global presence through a unique data visualization.
September 16, 2011
A reminder to join likemind in NYC for coffee.
Matter Anti-Matter
July 04, 2011
A comparison of truffle pigs and truffle dogs.
The Critical Path #3: It’s Good to Be King – 5by5 | asymco
July 04, 2011
A podcast recommendation from Asymco.
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