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November, 2011

Pepper Spray from Every Angle

A look at the UC Davis pepper spraying incident from multiple angles and the role of social media and cameras in protests.
I've been pretty obsessed with reading all the coverage on this UC David pepper spraying and this is one of the more interesting things I've seen. Andy Baio (Waxy) took four different videos and synced them, showing what happened from different angles. I know we've all been reading about the Arab Spring and the effect of social media, but seeing it at home feels more real. Also, it feels much less about social media and more about the cameras we all carry around. I know social media is the distribution channel, but it's hard not to be shocked when you see all the photos and videos from these protests and they're full of arms holding phones held high in the air. As an aside, I've been super impressed with the Boing Boing coverage of the whole incident.
November 21, 2011
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