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December, 2011

Understanding the Internet

The importance of educating Congress about the internet and not just criticizing their lack of understanding.
Good perspective on why posts like "it's time for Congress to learn about the internet" aren't actually helpful. "If Congress is complaining that they don't know about something that you care about, the right answer isn't to tell them to go get educated. The right answer is to educate them. Congress mentioned the word 'biologics' 75 times in a month because a lobbyist spent a long time doing their job: educating members of Congress on the needs of its industry." Generally I like these sort of things because it's easy to spout off about how things should change, but more interesting to understand how to actually change them. But there's something else here I really like: When someone doesn't understand something you should try to make it easier to understand, not lambaste them for not getting it. Not that I think Congress doesn't need to brush up on some web stuff, but we, as the web, also need to brush up on our explanations of why it matters and how it works (without all the hyperbole normally attached to it).
December 19, 2011
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