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January, 2012

The Other Side of Kickstarter

The complexities of backing a Kickstarter project and the reality of what it means to fund an idea.
Matt Haughey (of Metafilter) has a good post about a bad Kickstarter experience. First off, I'm surprised this is the first one of these I've read. Second, I think there's actually a really interesting question in the post around what you're really doing when you "fund" a Kickstarter project. The project he talks about, a metal iPhone case, shipped with serious signal issues. In an email explanation the creators wrote, "This is also to remind people about what KickStarter is about. KickStarter is about investing/backing a product or idea and funding that idea. When you fund the idea there are 'rewards' involved for that investment. Backers are not 'purchasing' anything, but merely given a 'gift/reward' for helping fund the project. That's the way I understand KickStarter's crowd funding model." I assume this is officially true for lots of legal reasons, but it's not the way you feel when you're on the site (or, as Haughey explains, when you see a prototype). It's easy to forget that many of the people with projects on Kickstarter have never made objects before. It will be interesting to see this continue to play out.
January 17, 2012
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