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Going into hospital far riskier than flying: WHO | Reuters

Your chances of dying in a hospital are much higher than in a plane crash. This is hardly shocking, but speaks to two interesting issues: first, the problem could be solved if evveryone always kept their hands clean at a hospital, which seems simple but is far from it. I remember when I was doing work with GE hearing about simple things like lab coats and just how much contamination they carry. Second, it speaks to our total inability to properly calculate risk.

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  • Max Kalehoff says:

    This has always shocked me: It is common practice for restaurants to provide their workers new, clean uniforms every day. It is expected kitchen workers take their street clothes off and change into uniform immediately prior to entering the kitchen. Conversely, it is the norm to see doctors and nurses wearing their scrubs while on the way to work, leaving the building, and commuting home.

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