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October, 2011

Site Updates

NoahBrier.com site updates including a platform change and technical improvements.
Just wanted to quickly update everyone on a few site changes. After seven years of using Movable Type to run NoahBrier.com I finally had to abandon ship after I couldn't log in to post anymore. I spent a few days getting things ready and made the move this afternoon. For the nerdy amongst you, I wrote some scripts to make sure my old URLs don't get killed which I will put up on Github if anyone is interested. Also, I rebuilt all the HTML with the help of HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Boostrap, the latter of which I've been blown away by (it lets you easily build out gridded sites without all the pain-in-the-ass normally involved). On the less technical end, I'm now starting to import my posts from Percolate. If you're on the site you'll see them denoted by grey backgrounds. The idea is to use Percolate to keep the site updated with shorter curation posts: Linking off to the interesting content around the web with a short comment. I'm using a plugin we've been developing for some of our work with brands. As always, thanks for all the support and let me know if you run into any issues. More posts coming soon, I promise.
October 29, 2011
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