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Card Case from Square sounds interesting. Esentially it lets you set up a “tab” with any store that uses it and they’ll just “put it on your tab” when you go up to pay. More interesting to me, though, is the iPhone technology they’re using to do it (which I didn’t know about): “Square has taken advantage of a new Apple technology called ‘geofencing,’ which notifies an app when a phone has entered a specified geographical area. The key thing about this approach is that it happens in the background; the app doesn’t have to be on for it to work.” As am aside, I’ve heard rumors that Facebook looks at who else opens the FB app in your vicinity and uses that to recommend new friends.

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  • Devin Reams says:

    Geofencing is a game changer. Foursquare has introduced this in the form of “Radar” where it pops up a notification if you’re near something on your todo list, or any various other reasons. The Reminders app has become the most “a-ha!” for me: remind me to take out the trash when I get home.

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