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A Floating Future

For as crazy as these drawings of raised and floating airports are, they sort of make me wonder if we imagine big things anymore. When’s the last time you saw a rendering or drawing of an imagined future (other than the next iPhone)? Sure we have the xPrize and that sort of thing, but what about just every day crazy imaginings and excitement? Where has that energy gone? I guess a lot of the same people who would have been drawing crazy pictures of floating airports 80 years ago probably make stuff on the web … But it doesn’t seem like that can be the whole answer.

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  • Rob Day says:

    I know you are a big FastCompany reader so maybe you caught this already, but if not I think it’s very relevant to your post. http://www.fastcodesign.com/1665311/why-microsofts-vision-of-the-future-is-dead-on-arrival

  • World War II and Imagination | Noah Brier dot Com says:

    […] note: After writing my post about imagining the future the other day my friend Martin emailed me the following response. I thought it was super interested […]

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