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Eating at Airports

Great list of places to eat the country’s most popular airports. I’m sort of surprised I’ve been to so few of them. The three picks that pop to mind for me (all in American Airlines terminals): Brooklyn Deli @ JFK (it’s nothing special, but they’ve got real eggs in the morning … which is way more than you can say for the rest of the restaurants in that terminal), Pappadeux’s in DFW (they have another Pappas restaurant listed for Dallas) and Pinkberry in SF (I only mention it because it’s over by the gates and I always forget it’s there and then get excited to have some before the flight).

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  • Rob Day says:

    Thanks for the link – this just reminded me I travel too much :) But there looks like some great additions to my list. I also love that In-N-Out made the list without being in the airport. As someone who lived in LA for 4 years and travel back frequently – it is always my stop on the way to or from the airport.

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