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January, 2012

Building Products

Adapting product development processes when moving to an API-based system.
I promise I'll get back to blogging more non-Percolate things, but here's one more item. Over at the Percolate blog I wrote up a quick description of how our product development process has changed since we moved to running everything off an API:
We start by sketching everything out and finalizing flows. Once that happens everyone gets to work: Backend writes some Python, frontend writes some javascript and design finalizes interaction and visual design. Because it’s all just data being passed around, no one needs to wait for anyone else. As long as the data is modeled, we can write all the frontend code before the actual endpoints are complete (and before the visuals are solidified).
Running a product team has been a really interesting shift in career for me. Some of the stuff I learned working at agencies has been a huge benefit (working in teams, managing creative people) and some other stuff has been totally new (continually improving something instead of launching and jumping to the next thing). It's fun to work on improving the process and flow and when you land in a real rhythm it's pretty amazing (not that different than being in the excitement and madness of a great pitch). I need to write up a longer thing about my overall experience, but this was a start. I've got a goal to write more process posts over at the Percolate blog because people seem to like them, so hopefully there's more coming soon.
January 25, 2012
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