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Taste of Their Own Medicine

This one’s pretty hilarious. Google ran a sponsored post campaign for Google Chrome and in turn forget to make sure that the links included in the posts didn’t pass credibility. I’ve been really annoyed with this policy from Google for a long time and I’m happy to see them screw up. Like Search Engine Land wrote, “It also raises the serious question that if Google can’t keep track of its own rules, what hope is there that third parties are supposed to figure it all out?” Google has forced webmasters to be responsible for something that their algorithm should be able to figure out. I know that’s hard/impossible, but I thing this brings into focus how confusing the policy really is.

A search for “browser” in Google doesn’t show Chrome on the first page.

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  • Max Kalehoff says:

    To be fair, it was Google’s ad agency — an agent of Google — and they did apply the same penalization unto themselves. But it still underscores the point: the policy is not only confusing, but too often arbitrary. Many question — given their dominance — should they even have a right to enact this paid linking policy in the first place.

    Kind-of-funny side note: my search for “browser” after reading your post surfaced a number-one positioned text ad from none other than http://www.beautyoftheweb.com/. Seems kind of an ironic name for Internet Explorer 9.

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