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Photos of Zuck

This is sort of interesting. Gizmodo is paying $20 per-photo for new pictures of Mark Zuckerberg (and asking some real questions about privacy):

For someone who doesn’t believe in privacy, Mark Zuckerberg is awfully guarded. He has made Facebook public by default, and yet his own public posts are few, far-between, and tend towards the anodyne. Facebook’s share-everything CEO even went so far as to keep his recent wedding a secret from his own friends, presumably to avoid public scrutiny. For all his bluster about public sharing, Zuckerberg reveals very little of himself. That needs to change.

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  • JF MATA says:

    The implication that MZ need to reveal more of himself is preposterous and frankly, disturbing. MZ is giving us a lesson on how Facebook is supposed to be used. Each of us is free to reveal as much or as little of ourselves as we see fit. That’s were privacy plays a role. Just like in real life, prudent individuals don’t leave their dirty laundry hanging for everyone to see. But most of us assume that whatever we choose to post is ‘private’ and that’s simply not true. Assume that everything you write or post or say while online is public and act accordingly.

  • Alan Wolk says:

    I can’t say I blame Zuckerberg.

    If any of us announced our wedding on Facebook, we would not have the near certainty of hundreds of reporters and paparazzi swarming the event, even flying helicopters overhead.

    He and his wife are also prime kidnap targets.

    I can appreciate the discrepancy between what he preaches and what he does, regarding privacy. But given the mitigating circumstances, I think his decision is perfectly justified

  • Ian says:

    I’ll go a step further than JF and Alan … this is fu*king idiotic beyond explanation. Surely someone at Gizmodo must have the guts to say out loud: “Oh, I guess we’ve turned into TMZ then, huh?” What a god damn joke. Frankly, it’s embarrassing.

  • Noah Brier says:

    Wow, everyone seems to disagree with me on this. Let me say broadly I see this as more of cultural commentary than anything else. While I understand the specific points you’re all making about how FB is meant to be used and certainly don’t believe people should invade his privacy, there is a significant disconnect there that isn’t highlighted often enough. Zuckerberg is using FB just as it was intended (I agree with JF on that), but it’s also easier for him to do that than anyone else as he has a deep understanding of the privacy settings. If you remember the site OpenBook (which is apparently now gone, but used to index public FB status updates) it was very obvious that there were huge numbers of people for whom the perfectly clear privacy settings were not perfectly clear. Those people believed they had privacy but did not actually have any. Zuckerberg doesn’t understand this and doesn’t see this as a major need. Now I don’t actually care about seeing photos of him, but I think it’s important to acknowledge.

  • Ian says:

    Noah – Intellectually I’m pretty much with you.

    It’s the smarmy tone that the new media take on matters like this.

    The “article” (a word I use loosely here) feels like a note a jilted 16 year old kid wrote when the head cheerleader declined his prom invitation.

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