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Virtual Luxury Goods

I’m pretty fascinated by this story of watchmakers going after pirates who are copying their faces and giving them away for people with smartwatches.

It’s not so much the lawsuits I’m interested in as the idea of luxury goods in a digital world. It’s interesting to think about watchmakers, who for so long have separated themselves by not just the physical design of their products, but also the mechanics of the movements, starting to become software companies. After all, what better way to know there’s interest in your products than people seeking them out for their own devices. Wouldn’t it be fun to see a company like Rolex or Patek Philippe move into the software world and start selling faces for these new devices?

November 28, 2014


  • Matt Haughey says:

    I was at a watch shop earlier this year, getting my pebble steel’s metal band sized to my wrist, and as I was looking around the guy pointed out some of their higher end watches I’d never heard of, with some of the costing $5k-10k each. I searched the pebble store on my phone, found copies of the faces in there, and loaded one remotely, while he was working on the watch. He felt the vibrate when it loaded, looked at the face and said “huh.”

    I’d say all the faces seem like more of an homage than a digital copy of famous watches, but I guess they can go after them for using trademark names.

  • Robert Green says:

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