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Why Coke Cost a Nickel for 70 Years Video Style

I’ve set a reasonably modest goal for myself of writing 10 blog posts in April. Let’s see if I can get back on this bike (since I really miss it). This is post number 1.

One of my favorite Planet Money episodes (and maybe favorite podcast episodes period) is about why, despite everything we know about economics, Coke stayed five cents for 70 years. I wrote about it back in 2012 and just a few years ago Planet Money did a 3:45 video version of the episode.

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  • Stuart Zuckerman says:

    Loved the NPR story about one of America’s most iconic brands. Fast forward to today, when so many consumers are health-oriented, it’s no wonder that The Coca-Cola Company is now the owner of a portfolio of non-carbonated beverage brands, including Honest Tea, Odwalla, Powerade and Smart Water.
    This diversified beverage portfolio is the subject of a new corporate TV ad campaign that’s clearly intended to convince consumers, as well as stock analysts, that The Coca Cola Company makes/sells a lot of other (and healthier) types of drinks

  • Ryan Catbird says:

    Welcome back to the blog-cycle, and thanks for sharing this… so mind boggling thinking about a product with SEVENTY YEAR fixed price.

  • Noah Brier says:

    First off, comments! Thanks!

    Second, definitely check out full episode: https://www.npr.org/sections/money/2012/11/15/165143816/why-coke-cost-a-nickel-for-70-years

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