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September 01, 2009
Exploring the benefits of a subscription-based business model and examples of its success.
Begging the Government for Help
September 01, 2009
The Economist suggests newspapers could have sought government help to combat decline, an approach taken by other industries facing competition.
Internet Play
September 02, 2009
Exploring new internet tools can be intrinsically rewarding and helpful in understanding them.
Donating Money to Innovation
September 02, 2009
Exploring the idea of donating money for innovation instead of funding hospital wings and academic institutions.
What is Finance?
September 03, 2009
Google Domestic Trends
September 04, 2009
Google's Domestic Trends tracks search traffic across economic sectors to provide insights on market growth.
Brand Tags Data Mining
September 09, 2009
A request for feedback and feature ideas for the website Brand Tags.
Everything is Peachy
September 18, 2009
The author expresses discomfort with the notion that the country has recovered from the recession, arguing that not much has changed and that the 'good times' thinking might just be a facade.
How Is Our Era Unique?
September 20, 2009
Economist Robin Hanson's unique changes in our era: real-time global communication, lack of contact with 'strange cultures', and increased wealth.
Maximizing Your Ability to Learn
September 21, 2009
Insights on maximizing learning from a GE propulsion specialist.
Five Worthless Stars
September 23, 2009
YouTube's ratings system is primarily used as a seal of approval, not an editorial indicator.
September 25, 2009
Telling the Story of Process
September 29, 2009
George Packer criticizes Obama's press strategy for avoiding 'process' stories, arguing it's undemocratic and harms the ability to think clearly.
Global Bank Holiday
September 30, 2009
An analysis of the financial crisis, boiled down to a few sentences.
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