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August, 2019

Two Quick Updates

Updates on starting a new software company and continued success of a daily email newsletter.

First off, after eight years I've moved on from Percolate (we brought on a CEO at the beginning of 2018) and co-founded a new software company called Variance. We want to change the way work gets done by helping employees gain mastery over their tools. It's early days, so not too much we're ready to share quite yet, but we Tweeted a few highlights from a workshop we recently held. The name is inspired by the variance spectrum, which you might remember from my framework of the day posts. Also, we're looking to hire a lead product designer, so if you're one or know anyone who might be good for us, I'd hugely appreciate the reference (you can email me). Dinner on me if you help us find someone we hire.

Second, my daily email, Why is this interesting?, is still going strong. We're 100+ editions in and we've had a great string of guests to help take some of the load off. Not surprisingly, all my writing energy has gone there, so please subscribe and if you ever have an idea for a guest spot, please let us know.

August 18, 2019
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