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The Apple Org Structure
August 12, 2013
An analysis of Apple's unique organizational structure and its potential impact on innovation.
Is Apple Maps Suceeding?
July 20, 2013
Apple Maps is succeeding despite being a terrible product, meeting the needs of typical phone consumers and pushing Google to compete.
Unique Perception
May 14, 2013
Jony Ive's perspective on the importance of non-measurable and emotive product attributes.
Surface versus iPad
September 03, 2012
Different perspectives on the role of tablets by Apple and Microsoft.
Technology or Gesture?
September 02, 2012
Douglas Rushkoff explores the implications of patenting human gestures in the Apple-Samsung battle.
New Surface
June 20, 2012
Microsoft's announcement of a new tablet sparks discussions about its potential impact and competition with Apple's products.
What Ecosystem?
May 03, 2012
The evolution of the Apple ecosystem under Scott Forstall.
Share a Link, Buy a Bracelet
March 18, 2012
The downside of oversimplified mass movements that rely on easy tasks to save lives.
February 16, 2012
The complex legacy of Steve Jobs and his leadership style.
Steve Jobs as an Innovator, not Inventor
November 07, 2011
Steve Jobs as an innovator, not inventor, and the distinction between invention and innovation.
Apple Operations
November 05, 2011
Insight into Apple's operational prowess and attention to detail.
PlugBug Charger
November 02, 2011
The PlugBug Charger: A hardware addition to Apple's design.
Apps on TVs
November 02, 2011
The complexities of the television industry and the challenges of internet distribution.
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