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New Surface

I’m assuming you’ve heard this, but Microsoft announced a new tablet they’ve developed the other day and it has lots of people talking. Anyway, I had one thought I wanted to share, which is roughly based around this quote from The Verge:

There is a gray area that exists for me with the iPad. I love using it to read, to browse the web, to share content, to occasionally create content. But there is a moment when I have to put the iPad down and grab my laptop. I travel with both. I keep both nearby when I’m at home. And I think this is true for a lot of people (it’s certainly true for a lot of people I know in the tech press).

Basically what I find most interesting about Surface is that it seems to be a nothing-to-lost move and exactly the sort of thing Apple wouldn’t do. By that I mean Apple created a new computing category with the iPad: It put a computer in a place (bed or couch) that it never really existed before. This wasn’t a replacement device, it was additive. I, like many I know, use both an iPad and a laptop and Apple’s laptop business is doing pretty well for them. Surface tries to imagine a future where there is just one. It’s not to say it will happen, but it feels like something Apple wouldn’t do and for that I applaud them.

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  • Charles says:


    I really can’t wait to see how the technology used will effect behavior. iOS felt surprisingly limiting at first, but that ended up being an advantage: it kept you on the surface of otherwise meticulous computing tasks (like managing/navigating a filesystem), which made “couch mode” all the more casual (and as you put it, separate + additive to your computing tasks).

    What will having a full OS do? Will it adversely effect “couch mode”, or that governed purely by the tablet’s ergonomics? How will the relationship change between you and your other Windows box?


  • Vinicius Spader says:

    I agree with you. I think this new concept for a tablet is the best improvement in Surface. And it’s surprising how they did it.

    I know that there is a economic reason why Apple don’t want to embed this on iPad but, as a very innovative and UX driven company, I can believe that they let Microsoft do it first.

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