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Engineering Culture

I’m incredibly proud of this blog post by James OB, one of the engineers at Percolate, about why he likes the engineering culture at the company. The whole thing is well worth a read, but I especially liked this bit:

The autonomy to solve a problem with the best technology available is a luxury for programmers. Most organizations I’ve been exposed to are encumbered, in varying degrees, by institutional favorites or “safe” bets without regard for the problem to be solved. Engineering at Percolate has so far been free of that trap, which results in a constantly engaging, productive mode of work.

We’re hiring lots more engineers (and a VP of Engineering). If you want to work somewhere awesome (as described by James), please apply (or email me directly).

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  • Elizabeth O’Beirne says:

    James’ commentary reflects a family hallmark of seeking the best solutions for the task at hand, from an independent perspective. “What is the best solution for my client/project/need?” That is always the driver.

    “Institutional favorites” and “safe bets” do have their place in large enterprise-based applications where control and certainty are paramount. Nimbleness = Higher Risk and sometimes that’s not acceptable.

    So its important to know who you are and what type of environment you need to thrive. So glad James OB has found his!

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